EJ Technologies JProfiler 11.0

JProfiler a senior profiler for Java language. Profiler in the world of programming tools is said to monitor the process of implementation of such software monitors consume resources such as memory, processor, monitor threads and lifecycle objects, monitor the communications database and help developers to factors slow down the program and instability and performance problems to find and to improve the efficiency and speed of their applications. Every programming language has its own Prvfaylrhay, in the world of Java also presented a large Prvfaylrhay that JPROFILER one of the best in this field.

Use the attractive interface of this app you can easily monitor the resource consumption of Java applications and thus seeks to consumer bottlenecks, memory leaks and problems have parallel threads and processes. Perhaps a small application for use of these tools is not very effective, but for large commercial software using the profiler and optimization program is a very important issue.


Simply use the app, straightforward configuration
The possibility of profiling databases, JDBC, JPA and the NoSQL
Higher Pshytbany enterprise version of Java
View Full detail of the process Profile
To detect memory leaks with different tools
Various possibilities for the QA (such as output profile snapshot of operations and to compare them with each other)
Expanded support for IDE and various server applications
Very low overhead
Processor and display detailed graphs enable advanced consumer profiling
Profile of advanced multi-threading capabilities yarns programs

Required System

JProfiler supports profiling on the following platforms:

  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux
  • FreeBSD
  • Solaris
  • AIX
  • HP-UX

Homepage: https://www.ej-technologies.com/products/jprofiler/overview.html


EJ Technologies JProfiler 11.0.2 Build 11072 x64: http://gestyy.com/w31fpw
EJ Technologies JProfiler 11.0.1 macOS: http://gestyy.com/w31faz
EJ Technologies JProfiler v10.1.2 Linux: http://gestyy.com/w31fse

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