PostSharp 6.2.9 Ultimate

PostSharp a very convenient tool for aspect-oriented programming (AOP) is on .NET. PostSharp to erase additional code which occupies the program memory and are thus used. The software, aspect-oriented programming makes it much easier.


  • Avoid Copy the code in and around the system
  • Remove Boilerplate code
  • Add a reference to PostSharp.dll
  • reducing the long code.
  • flexible and changeable to suit you
  • Definitions reliable and convenient
  • Undo and Redo changes in Object Display
  • different variations of a motion control
  • Changing the interface with Custom Controls
  • taking care of the code in front of invalid entries by Attributes
  • the ability to change the fields, Properties, Parameters to be very easy.
  • internal and external features strong
  • Ability to add and build to its extension
  • Build loggin to program without having to change the code
  • Support for different versions of .NET framework
  • speed and fast performance
  • thread safe applications Visual Basic and C # without having to write them again
  • reduce complexity and illegibility in code
  • more control over the program
  • Faster feedback
  • Patterns for making automatic operations to reduce waste of time and accelerate the performance
  • Define the code for Level
  • changing some laws
  • Add Pattern code easily
  • portraying Pattern for understanding better

Required System

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2017



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