Bootstrap Studio 4.5.1

Bootstrap Studio is a desktop application that helps you design and create beautiful sites. This application has made a large number of components that can drag and drop them to collect the fee responsive pages. Bootstrap Bootstrap Studio in popular software framework is built. Thousands of developers and designers use the program daily.


  • Has a beautiful interface and supports drag-and-drop functionality
  • Has a number of beautiful Kampyvnnt to build responsive web pages such as the header, footer, gallery, slideshow and basic elements such as span and div
  • Import and edit CSS, JavaScript and HTML
  • Integration with Google Web Fonts that allow you to import and edit the font.
  • Has a number of layouts, fonts, icons, templates and components that can combine in beautiful designs and unique.
  • Klydkh has comprehensive support for keyboard shortcuts allow you to accelerate your workflow gives.
  • Extraction component of your project and prepare them as custom components to add in new projects. This component can also save them to a file share.
  • Sync component, so changing one, others will change automatically. This is useful for things like the header and footer.
  • Preview functionality during the design, automated software updates
  • If you already have your site, you can import in your application. Just file HTML, CSS, JS and Drag the image into the software.

Required System

  • Requirements: Runs on Win 7 and up.



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