Enterprise VoIP SIP SDK is a software development kit is Ozeki excellent program that allows you to quickly and easily create VoIP calls. You do not need to have specialized programming skills, with the most basic programming knowledge, using this tool you are able to create solutions for VoIP are extraordinary. Once downloaded you should Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK in your application VoIP call is immediately ready to merge.


Softphone: solutions that enable voice communication VOIP or video via Session Initiation Protocol SIP accounts is through the PBX for calls made. PBX is a software or hardware that makes a connection between application was softphone.

PBX: Exchange private units a VoIP telephone system professional. With the great support of the rights of Ozeki VoIP SDK you are able to run your PBX easy. You can start with a simple solution with advanced features for to get the best solutions for their purposes extend it.

Webphone: If you want your company more effective communication, you can use webphone. webphone a program embedded in Web pages, which can connect to the customer service center. During a visit to your site so customers can reach you.

Call center: professional VoIP solution that can connect your company with a large and effective center of the city.

Homepage: http://www.voip-sip-sdk.com/

Download: https://vinaurl.in/wmNsX